SCHMUCK! Kleine Talente erfreuen die Welt [28.12.2008]

SCHMUCK! "The Tops" Kat Frankie [30.06.2008 - 06.07.2008]

SCHMOCK! "Du bist krank!" Lady Bitch Ray [28.04.2008 - 04.05.2008]

Berlin, 30.04.2008


Sieht so Feminismus aus, Miss Bitchy Bitch? Na, Hallelujah! Ich glaube, da hat wohl jemand an Ihren Gehirnwindungen "gedoktert" während Ihrer Doktorarbeit! 

SCHMUCK! Leslie & The Ly's - How We Go Out! [28.05.2008]

SCHMUCK! Mosh Mosh - Lovely And Nice [26.05.2008 - 01.06.2008]

SCHMUCK! The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

SCHMUCK! Koreanisches Baby singt "HEY JUDE!" [05.05.2008 - 11.05.2008]

SCHMUCK! Soko - I'll Kill Her [05.05.2008 - 11.05.2008]

SCHMUCK! Electrelane - In Berlin [05.05.2008 - 11.05.2008]


Traurig, aber wahr. Nach über 10 Jahren machen Electrelane (UK) erstmal Tour-Pause, um Energie zu schöpfen. Ihr habt unser vollstes Verständnis! Wir wünschen Euch alles Gute und hoffen, dass Ihr gut erholt wiederkommt und uns mit neuen Songs erfreut!


Offizielles Statement:

We have decided that the upcoming gigs will be our last for the foreseeable future. After ten years of much fun and hard work, we have realised that we all need a break and time to do other things. This was a tough decision for us to make, but ultimately a positive one.A big thank you to everyone who has come to our shows, put on our shows, and bought our records over the years. It means a lot to us. We're really grateful to have had the opportunity to play gigs all over the world and to meet so many lovely people. This last year has been especially enjoyable and we feel happy about moving on with all these good memories to look back on. At the moment we haven’t made any band plans for the future, but we’re going to have a break and see what happens.


Love, Electrelane

SCHMUCK! Gina Team - ButchFemme [17.03.2008-22.03.2008]

SCHMUCK! Robots in Disguise - Turn It Up [17.03.2008-22.03.2008]

SCHMUCK! Electrosexual & Scream Club - I'm Going Crazy [17.03.2008-22.03.2008]

SCHMUCK! Hang On The Box - Now I Wanna Say Apology To You [10.03.2008-16.03.2008]

SCHMUCK! Heidi Mortenson - Don't Lonely Me [10.03.2008-16.03.2008]

SCHMUCK! Coco Rosie - Rainbow Warrior [10.03.2008-16.03.2008]

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